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Willingdon Church Evacuation Project – the Last 10 months

For the last 10 months I have been working on a side project for the church. It was to demonstrate to the congregation where to exit and where to meet in an event of an emergency. This project took me a while to do because it was outside of my work time and modeling the church wasn’t as easy as I first thought it would be! I give respect to the architect who designed our church. When you look around the building it seems like any other normal building, but there was a lot of thought put into designing that church and when you start modeling it, you realize you don’t even know what beam is connected to where and how tall each windows are and how walls line up!

In this project, I ended up modeling, texturing, rigging (the arrows), animating, lighting (with vray), and rendering the shots. Another church member will be compiling the shots in sequential order with slides in-between them. Can’t wait to see the final edited version of this!

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The start of Men in Black 3 Production!

Men in Black 3 Movie

Today marks my first day on the Men in Black 3 production. Looking at a few of the sequences from the live action shoot, it looks like this will be a pretty fun and exciting movie to work on! Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Rip Torn are part of the crew as they will also be keeping the same cast as the previous MIB. Josh Brolin will be the new “Young Agent K” giving you a little insight on what MIB3 will be about. 😉

More info at: IMDB link

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