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What I’m thankful for..

There are many things that I would consider thankful for; but for this time of the season, I have one thing I’m most thankful for. I’d like to talk about something that is very personal and hard for me to share. For the past decade I had been indulging myself in an addiction that lead me no where. I found myself losing satisfaction in the ‘norm’ which lead me to look for more immoral things to satisfy my cravings. It was a never-ending cycle. Only in the past few years, I realized this addiction had to stop before it goes any further. Trying my best and looking for help from others as well as reading books seemed to help a bit, but I would always end up giving in as I struggled hard with it. It was only a few weeks ago did one of my friend who had the same addiction problem suggested I take a course at Already being 1 week in, I’ve learnt so many new things about the power of Jesus and how He can set me free from this addiction for good. It really feels like I am being set free already! And for this, I am the most thankful for, I really am..

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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Our Friend’s Testimony

Over the weekend, my wife and I (mainly my wife) had filmed our friend and helped her create this video for her school project. This was a fun and challenging project bringing up new problems we haven’t experienced before. It was our first time doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement) and our first time getting a friends to play the background music. But the best thing we got out of this was to hear our friend’s story that we never knew about it. With her permission, she has agreed to share her personal life with others. She really is an incredible person.

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