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New website for my wife

So the last few weeks I’ve finally got around to creating a new website for my wife. The new site entails the use of WordPress just like how mine is set up. She decided on a different template, so it was just a matter of tweaking the template to suit her needs. The color scheme and imagery was all hers, I was just there to facilitate all the technical issues!


Take a look at her new site here at

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Valentines Day

Today my wife made me a card which I thought was super awesome and creative. She created a card with a hand drawn pixelated heart surrounded with the words “I <3 you more than Pinterest". Ha, Take that pinterest! Not only did she make me a card, she bought me two miniature WWII model planes that go with the new board game I bought, Wings of War: Fire in the Sky. Aaannddd she got me sleeves to protect the cards.. wow I’m such a nerd =) In return, I know my wife hates flowers but loves stuffed animals, so I sent her a small teddy bear delivered to work. Now she can hug it all day!

Then my sister-in-law brought us these amazing chocolate covered strawberries in mini tuxedos that she made all on her own! They are super delicious and look great. Thanks sis for those yummy strawberries! I know you’ve put a lot of work into them.

As a final valentines thing, Calista found this cool idea someone posted on Pinterest on giving ‘Free Compliments’. So she got me to post one outside of Yaletown skytrain station, and 2 at our Sony Imageworks Pictures Studio on each floor. It seems like quite a success! Glad to see people handing out free compliments!

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Photoshoot Portraiture: Jan Zgiet

Over the weekend I had the privilege to photograph my friend Jan Zgiet for his future online web business. We had an awesome time with our photo shoot and I got to try this new location (Surrey Central SFU Surrey) that I have been eyeing for a while. After choosing 3 locations in the building, we already felt we have taken what we need! So we didn’t get to the other locations I had in mind. I’ll save those for next time!

Here are a few shots!

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