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My Fear of Mixing Console: Overcome

For the last couple years, I have been helping out at church with the video slides and lighting cues during service. First at Willingdon Church and now at our new CrossRidge Church. I have always sat beside the person controlling the audio mixer the whole time. Every time I looked at that thing, it always scares me with all the little buttons and dials and channels. I never understood any of it, and it looks like something you can easily just mess up with one touch of a dial! Last weekend I had the opportunity to help out with the sound mixing at our church service for the first time. Pastor Andy (who leads our music team) gave me a quick run-down on how the equipment worked. Tony, who is well versed with these equipments (as he does repair for audio equipment as his profession) also showed me how the system works. And with a half an hour quick tutorial, I was on my way to doing the service.

I was always worried about doing anything with audio, since my wife thinks I might possibly be tone deaf (especially when it comes to me singing). But I found it, if I had concentrated hard on listening to levels on each instrument, I can decipher what was too loud or too soft and if anything was causing strange feedback.. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the service last Sunday! I’ve learnt a lot and now I’m not as afraid of using the sound board!

SoundBoard at CrossRidge Church

SoundBoard at CrossRidge Church

Thanks again Andy and Tony for showing me how to use it!

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Finished MiB3. Now to Oz: The Great and Powerful

So last week was my last time working on Men in Black 3. Animation has pretty much wrapped up and the lighting/compositing team is on its way to be finished! The film comes out May 25th, 2012! They just released a new trailer, which actually shows a lot of the movie… so watch at your discretion!

Today I begin my journey working on the movie ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ to be released spring of 2013! The plot of the film pretty much entails about how the great wizard of Oz, played by James Franco, got to where he is. It is a prequel to the famous story of ‘Wizard of Oz’. With tons of FX shots and a lot of work this is going to be one helluva production!. But from what I’ve seen already, it is looking pretty cool! The only picture I found on the internet of Oz is this one that seems to be on set material. It shows a glimpse of what the logo might be.

IMDB: Oz, The Great and Powerful

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