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Bardel: Veggie Tales in the House : Rigging Modeling!

Wow! What an experience it has been! It was one weekday I went to go visit my wife, Calista Chandler, at lunch time where the Line Producer, Tini Wider, came running up to me and said ‘Wesley! I heard you can rig! Can you start Monday?’. To be honest, I haven’t rigged in years and only learnt what I did in school. But I told her I’d come and try to help out as best I can and take on the easy mundane tasks. It was the period where Aaron Hempler, who was my rigging supervisor and good friend needed extra help. I quickly learnt a lot from him on rigging and was able to assist him. After a month went by, my proposed contract was up, but they end up extending me another month, and then another month, until I ended up staying at Bardel for 6 months. During this time, I had the awesome pleasure to work with Melt Van der Spuy and Jan Zgiet, who taught me so much on programming in Python. I even then had the opportunity to help out in the modeling department and learnt tons from Warren Dowson who was the Modeling Supervisor.

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