Wesley Chandler



I’ve been blessed to know that I wanted to be apart of the computer graphics industry at a young age. By grade 9, my high school had a preliminary ‘Computer Animation’ course I was able to take. After graduating from an art school, I became an Animator for the last several years. Although it can be hard work at times, I enjoy my job. I enjoy helping others when they need and getting to work with such amazing co-workers!

I believe I’m a fairly easy going guy. I’m the type of guy who loves to keep my e-mail organized, and read manuals to new equipments. According to my wife, I can be silly and pretty nerdy at times, and other times I can be really stupid. Yet I still have a loving wife by my side! I enjoy board games, computer games, sports and the great outdoors. I really love music in terms of theory and the complexity of it all as it really intrigues me. Learning piano for several years, I have now started to learn a bit of guitar as a hobby. More seriously, I have been doing wedding and event photography as a side business. It is great to be apart of people’s special occasions! In general, I like to keep learning new things and enjoy embracing changes.

Finally, I’m a follower (as best I can be..) of Jesus Christ. In my last few years, God had really changed my life and have given me a new perspective on everything. Because of what God had so lovingly done for me, all I’d like to do is to help others in any way I can and to try to love those around me. For me, I try not to be quick to judge others, I don’t believe I’m part of the ‘religious right’, because I believe we all are on the same boat. We all have problems. In any case, I thank God for his grace and helping hand for all my vast shortcomings and I try to enjoy the life I have been given! Without Him, things would be very different.


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