Goosebumps! The movie!

Releasing on October 16th! Check it out in theatres! This show was one of the most difficult shows I have ever worked on. I’ve never pulled hours where I was working from 9 am to 5am (19 hour work day?) and consistently leaving work anywhere between 10pm and 5am for 4 months straight. Although all the long hours, it was a fun project to work on. A lot of amazing creature animation and hero work. Everyone on the team got a chance to do some really cool stuff! It was also a great time to bond with an amazing crew. It felt like we went through a war together and came out a close family =).

This was also my first animation job as a Lead Animator. It was a great experience learning from such an amazing Animation Supervisor Jason Snyman! And learning to bridge the gap between client request and our fellow animators. Hopefully everyone enjoyed working together as much as I have! Go check it out in theatres! It should a be fun halloween movie. =)

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